Custom Packaging

3 Ways to Save on Custom Boxes

Written by Evelyn Baker Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Have you been using standard shipping boxes for your packaging? Have you been on the fence about diving into the world of custom boxes? Today, we go over some things to think about for your first branded box.


3 Ways to Save on Custom Boxes

1. Choose Standard Sizes

For some box styles, like mailers, a cutting die is used to cut out the shape of the box. Typically, a cutting die will need to be made to suit your box specifically, which results in an additional tooling charge. This extra fee can range anywhere from $100 to several hundred. You can save on this tooling charge by using one of Whitebird's in-house cutting dies for standardized sizes. For more information on this program, click here.

2. Purchasing in volume

The more boxes you order, the lower the price per unit. This is because higher volumes allow us to order raw materials in bulk and also reduces set up times.

3. Using Simple, Minimal Designs

If you are looking to transition to branded boxes, but are not ready to invest big dollars in it, consider using a simpler design. Simple, minimal designs have the following features. They:

  • Require less ink coverage
  • Use lighter coloured inks

Less ink used means a cheaper box for you. Boxes that use less ink and/or lighter coloured inks also lend themselves to more straightforward quality checks which means a quicker turnaround period. See the images above for examples of good simple, minimal designs.


Ready to move forward with a branded box? Get a quote today!

4 Reasons to Use Foam Board

Written by Evelyn Baker Wednesday, January 29, 2020

When it comes to presentations, conferences, and showcases, it is so important to arrive equipped with the tools to show your audience what a professional you are. You will find most speakers at corporate events reaching for their foam board signs and displays. Today, we will break down what foam board is and why it will help you level up your presentation game.


What is Foam Board?

Foam board is similar in construction to corrugate. Corrugate has a fluted layer (wavy paper) in between two flat sheets whereas foam board has a foam layer sandwiched by two flat sheets. 


Reasons to Consider Foam Board Signs and Displays

  1. Lightweight - Foam board signs and displays are thicker than your average poster board, but just as lightweight. This makes them very easy to transport, store and display. These are especially ideal when you are moving from board room to show room before and after presentations.
  2. Versatile -  Foam board is easy to print on and can be cut into any shape. If you are looking for something different than your average rectangular display/sign, then foam board is a great option to help you stand out.

  3. Ideal for large signs - As a lightweight and sturdy material, this makes foam board ideal for printing large scale signs that are still easy to move.

  4. Low cost - No need to elaborate on this one. We all want to save money where we can and foam board signs are a great way to do that while still achieving a professional look.


With our Nozomi printer, Whitebird has the capability to print all your corrugated packaging and your foam board signs/displays with excellent clarity. Looking to upgrade your presentation game with foam board? Get in touch today for a quote!

Printed Paper Tape

Written by Evelyn Baker Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Paper tape, also known as kraft tape, gummed tape or water-activated tape (WAT), is a popular choice for shipping companies. Back in October, we compared plastic tape to paper tape. When looking at material cost and productivity, we saw that paper tape saved you 16% more than plastic tape. Besides saving you money, paper tape has several other benefits including ones that impact more than just your company.


Types of Paper Tape

1) Reinforced paper tape has fiberglass threads that run the length of the tape. This means that when customers try to tear across the width of the tape, they will run into a fiberglass strand. A blade or knife will be needed to actually cut through these strands and open the package.

2) Non-reinforced paper tape does not have fiberglass threads embedded in it which means you can tear through it with your hands, requiring no additional tools. It moreso resembles a piece of paper.


How to Use Paper Tape

Paper tape adheres to packaging similar to how postage stamps stick to letters. The tape comes with an adhesive on the back that must be wetted in order to stick. For high volume shippers, the most efficient way to dispense and moisten the tape simultaneously is with a paper tape dispenser

Benefits of Paper Tape

1) Most paper tape is completely biodegradable and recyclable whereas plastic tapes are not.

2) Paper tape provides a high level of security with its unbeatable adhesion strength. In addition, the fiberglass threads in reinforced paper tape make package tampering even more difficult.

3) Paper tape is water-resistant and holds up well in humid conditions which makes it ideal for sealing storage boxes and packages traveling long distances.

4) Paper tape dispensers help you to efficiently wet the tape and often help you reduce waste by dispensing the exact length required for your package. Though they have a higher upfront investment, these dispensers are long-lasting.


Why Printed Paper Tape?

Along with all the benefits listed above, the printed paper tape also provides another opportunity for branding. Printing your logo on paper tape increases the visibility of your package at all times during the delivery process. Shipments in transit are also handled by several people which means paper tape can also give your brand more exposure while keeping the box intact. Who doesn't love multi-use advertising? We know we do!

Convinced that printed paper tape is better for your company and the environment? Get in touch for a quote today!

Printing On Coroplast

Written by Mark Speyers Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Coroplast is a plastic corrugated sheet that is sturdy, reusable, and resists water. Coroplast shippers are superior to corrugated paper in a variety of packaging applications, including produce packaging and boxes. This plastic material resists moisture, dirt, and grease, and is rigid and durable for long term use. Coroplast also makes an ideal material for weather-resistant signage for the outdoors. Here is a sample of digital print on Coroplast Narrow Flute 4mm White.

Nozomi Print Quality

Written by Mark Speyers Monday, October 28, 2019

What you are looking at below is not a photograph, it is printed cardboard from our Nozomi. Notice how you cannot distinguish any flutes or ridges in the material. We are able to help you select a premium grade board for your packaging, the board seen here is called Kemi. With single-pass inkjet technology and Kemi board, we are able to bring your packaging to life. Get started with your custom box here:

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