Flute Profiles


Flute profiles are the wavy medium in corrugated board. They are glued to the linerboard with a starch-based adhesive and provide strength as they resist bending and pressure.

  • Flute F: 125 flutes per ft, 1/32" thick, the flattest surface for the highest quality of printing, but the least amount of cushioning, idea for small retail packaging
  • Flute E: 90 flutes per ft, 1/16" thick, a smoother surface than B Flute, yielding better print quality, and slightly less cushioning, an alternative to paperboard cartons
  • Flute C: 39 flutes per ft, 3/16" thick, a good mix of cushioning and a suitable print surface, ideal for RSC boxes and shipping cartons
  • Flute B: 47 flutes per ft, 1/8" thick, stiff and flat, a popular choice for printed mailers and boxes, as well as die cutting
  • Flute A: 33 flutes per ft, 1/4" thick, provides the most cushioning for fragile contents, not an ideal print surface for complex graphics
All prices displayed in Canadian Dollars (CAD)