Mullen vs ECT Test


What is the difference between the Mullen Test and the Edge Crush Test (ECT)? You may have come across these terms in the corrugate industry, because they are a valuable testing standard. The Mullen Test has been around for a century and evaluates how much force a flat piece of corrugate can withstand. Such a test is good to determine if individual boxes can withstand the forces of handling without bursting. However, in the last 20 years or so, the supply chain saw more stacked packages on pallets, which led to the Edge Crust Test. Today, the ECT is the standard in Ontario for testing the stacking strength of a box, with 32 ECT being the most common.

So which test rating do you need? It depends on your supply chain, but for most packages, the ECT will be a helpful indicator of box strength in transit on a pallet, whereas the Mullen Test will be more applicable to individually shipped boxes where puncture and tear resistance are your primary concern.

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